noother is formed to carry out charity activities by selling goodies. Our motto is "WE ARE NOT JUST FANS BUT ALSO FRIENDS". We are hoping to be one of the base/ roots to all Malaysian E.L.Fs (EverLasting Friends)that wants to do charity but don't know how or to begin with. We would like to prove to society that we can donate with or using our own way and create "ENDLESS MOMENT" together. We can prove to others that we are a "GOOD PERSON". We, noother, hope that we could meet and gather all Malaysian E.L.Fs to work this out together and bring all the "SHINNING STAR" and bring the "HAPPINESS" to the unfortunate. Remember "MIRACLE" could happen if we 13elieve and unite.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


please be careful during ss3 in malaysia and please dont go there alone and please make sure u re safe..
behave ur self and respect our oppa.. dont lets the throwing item incidents are repeating..
they are human too. they fell the pain like us...
show them our love with warm welcoming..
lets they remember us as a nice friends not as fanatic fans...

Monday, December 20, 2010


now, noother collaborated with twintechvision care to do free eye check up..
for more information please contact us at or

please join and support us..

Friday, October 15, 2010

1st question ^^

1)why do you choose to be an EVERLASTING FRIENDS

p/s: up to you how to answer

2)what lil' secret you know about SUPER JUNIOR that you think no one know except you??

3)explain this:












4)what are the nickname of all the SUPER JUNIOR members??

(state all members)

5)for how long they had been trained in SM Ent.

how to answer:

copy our format at!/note.php?note_id=156350721052268

rules and regulations


2)photo of you with our autofan

*send your form to us with complete answer and questions to our email at

** subject: QUIZ

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Petition for reformation of MBOA for SS3 in Malaysia 2011

Dear ELF,

as most of you guys already know, for SS2 in Malaysia, Super Junior fan-bases such as MYSJ, Sapphire Pearls Malaysia, ChocoFam, SJ Royal Noble, MYSG SJ Sapphire Blue Palace and Super Junior thread in Cari Forum has formed an alliance called Malaysia Blue Ocean Alliance (MBOA) for the purpose of uniting all Malaysian ELF on the concert day and to make the day as the most memorable day for both Super Junior and ELF.

One of MBOA project, Shining Stars, where all ELF in the stadium was given a small torchlight to be pointed upwards when Super Junior sings the song Shining Star to make a look of shining stars in the night sky, was a great success where even Super Junior member joined to make the 'stars'.

However, even with MBOA great success there still have criticism from ELF about MBOA on SS2 in Malaysia which discourage the spirit to form MBOA for SS3 Malaysia. After much consideration, a petition to decide reformation of MBOA for SS3 in Malaysia has been made. The reformation of MBOA for SS3 Malaysia will be decided by all Malaysian ELF, if we have enough signs/votes then MBOA will be reformed for SS3 in Malaysia.

Here, I hope everyone who's reading this can sign the petition if you want MBOA to re-form for SS3 in Malaysia. As it'll be probably be hard for Super Junior to do concerts as a group in the next few years (due to older members joining military/public services), it would be better if all fan-bases of Super Junior in Malaysia to join force and to make SS3 in Malaysia the most memorable concert for them, together with ELF.

You can spread this to all ELF that you know. Make blog posts about this petition or MBOA, share the link of the petition in your Facebook and Twitter or Tumblr, forward this as an email to other ELF, make a thread in forums and many other methods. The closing date for the petition is 20th October. After the date, the reformation of MBOA will be decided.

The link above are the link to the petition. Click the button in green that is written 'Sign this petition' to sign the petition. Any efforts on spreading the petition until it's well known is greatly appreciated.

Admin of ChocoFam

Monday, October 11, 2010

as we know, MYSJ actively involved and organized charity event since 2008, and now, we noother would like to join them to grant the wishes by Persatuan Penjagaan Kanak-Kanak Cacat Klang Selangor.
we, would like to seek all E.L.Fs perticipation or kind assistance in making this project a memorable and most successful event.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Sambutan Hari Raya & Charity Event

dear ELFs, we,
noother are glad to help Sapphire Pearl Malaysia to hold a charity program to help the needy..

Sapphire Pearl Malaysia already chose
Rumah titian kasih as their first receiver for this charity program.
To help, u can hand a little contribution to the resident of RTK. They accept all forms of contribution
(Money or consumer goods)

Donation in the form of money can be transfer to MAYBANK acc:
noother- (162021488285) Nor Diyana Hani
SP- (162384745464) Alia Asyila Abdul Majid

And for outsider,(other than malaysia)

U can transfer/ bank in to noother- (162021488285) Nor Diyana Hani

Swift code: MBBEMYKL

(Maybank 28-30 Jalan Tukang 43000 kajang, selangor)

Please pm us after that..

Stuff/thing that can be donate:
Food-sugar,milk,milo,biscuit,rice,sardine,wheat flous, cooking oil
Everyday utensils- detergent,shower gel,toothpaste, syampoo
hope with this fund, we can help the needy

we are NOT just fans BUT also friends

due date: 19 Oct 2010

Friday, October 1, 2010

new price for autofan

autofan= rm 15
autofan + love button= rm20

**posting cost: rm 5 for peninsular and rm 7 for sabah and sarawak

***the remaining balance will be donated.