noother is formed to carry out charity activities by selling goodies. Our motto is "WE ARE NOT JUST FANS BUT ALSO FRIENDS". We are hoping to be one of the base/ roots to all Malaysian E.L.Fs (EverLasting Friends)that wants to do charity but don't know how or to begin with. We would like to prove to society that we can donate with or using our own way and create "ENDLESS MOMENT" together. We can prove to others that we are a "GOOD PERSON". We, noother, hope that we could meet and gather all Malaysian E.L.Fs to work this out together and bring all the "SHINNING STAR" and bring the "HAPPINESS" to the unfortunate. Remember "MIRACLE" could happen if we 13elieve and unite.

Sunday, August 15, 2010


Rm 17 for peninsular
Rm 22 for sabah sarawak

(including posting)


  1. hi.. so cute this auto fan.. ^^ can u send me the details..??

  2. how to order?where can i pay for the payment?
    when will i get it

  3. zawiyah: sorry for the late reply.. i will send the detail for u now.. check ur email.. ^^

    farah: u will send it to u after we receive the payment.. we are using post laju..u can send message to our email?? and i will send the detail...